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Located in Norway’s “Silicon Valley”, in the beautiful coastal municipality of Horten, ZIOT Solutions offers IoT advanced security expertise, projects and a secure IoT platform with end-to-end encryption for all kinds of device monitoring, device control and data processing. The company was formed in 2019 and provides a fresh, attractive working environment for its substantial and growing team of experts. Horten is well-known as a home to electronics companies and it has an innovative business environment as well as a technical university.

ZIOT Solutions’ founders had realised that there was a deep lack of awareness about security issues in IoT applications. Given the fact that IoT is being used in a rapidly growing number of units connected to critical infrastructure and cloud services, a holistic approach to security is needed to avoid the foundations being laid for a highly vulnerable society. The consequences of a hacker gaining access to critical infrastructure could of course be catastrophic: hostile intrusion could potentially result in physical harm and material loss, as well as data theft.

ZIOT Solutions helps to solve IoT security problems of all types, by offering consulting, projects, and custom-built solutions based on its secure IoT platform with end-to-end encryption. From small consulting assignments to major corporate and public-sector projects, ZIOT Solutions can introduce the necessary expertise and technology, covering the whole IoT spectrum of software, hardware and telecommunications.

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