Our encrypted and secure IoT trackers.

In ZioT, we believe that everything is a sensor. To protect these sensors and to be in control of your assets, equipment, or products we have taken it a step further.

Meet DURNE MOBILE, our Personnel Asset Tracker, easy to use and completely secure. If an individual is in danger, simply press the alarm-button to notify your HQ and coworkers that something is wrong. A rugged design with a detachable G-Shock absorber makes the unit ready for whatever the environment throws at it.

Meet BRAUT, our Asset Tracker. Your vehicle or other mobile machinery may need the same protection and that’s why we re-invented the safest way to keep track of your mobile assets. These trackers aren’t regular  GPS  transmitters, but include the most secure encryption on the market to keep your assets safe and monitored.

Both DURNE and BRAUT have their own dedicated uses, but what matters most is what’sinside of our units. ZioTs own Base Card is at the heart of everything we deliver. In short, any  necessary sensors you need for your solutions, we can add, modify and change easily with this sensor agnostic approach.

We believe that our sensors can be used for almost any IoT application we encounter,  and our customers will always have one of the most secure IoT services and solutions in the world.

“...We believe that IoT Security devices need to be the prime focus of all vendors, especially those who deliver solutions to keep people safe, this is the essence of ZioT’s deliveries!”

Adnan Visic, CTO ZioT Solutions AS

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